Let us take you out on an adventure.

These mythical creatures have lived by our side since the Sami first inhabited the North.
The reindeer are a big part of the traditional way of life in the North. We will take you out to meet the Reindeer and the people who still revolve their lives managing the heards.

Our safaris are suitable for everyone. We will teach you the basics and let you set pace from there.

As soon as we are suited up we head out on the snow trails to visit our four legged friends. Our safari will take us through the breathtaking landscapes of Swedish Lapland (Sápmi) and we will have ample opportunities to stop for pictures and we will enjoy an outside lunch and a cup of coffee made the “real” way over open fire in the wild.

Welcome to Swedish Lapland!

Lapland activities reindeer

Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty level: novice
Age: no age limit in the company of parent
Meals: Lunch and coffee is served in the wild

Guesthouse activities Meet the Reindeer

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