Speed on the ice

Drifting on the snow!

Let us take you out to our snowy white race track by the Lainio river.

Our quads can be driven by anyone reaching the pedals. Our track runs along the river bank and through abandoned farms provides a challenging ride in beautiful scenery.

It is not completely easy to maneuver yourself through the course but learning to drift through the corners it is a lot of fun!

We enjoy lunch out in the open while you take turns to race and learns how to take the curves and corners like a pro.

Will you get the the best time and master the quads?

Lapland guesthouse  activities quads 4-wheel on ice

Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty level: novice
Age: 16 years with license
Meals: Lunch and coffee is served by the track

Guesthouse activities_quads - 4-wheel driving on the ice

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