Blacksmith course – Mia Persson

1- or 2-day blacksmithing course with Mia “SMIA” Persson

Learn the basics in blacksmithing and manufacture som simple objects and jewelry.

Join for one or 2 days. We start at 11 and go to 16

Lunch and material is included in the price.


Max 6 participants per day.

Price per day : 1 395 SEK

smideskurs-gäster provar på

Steel sharpening with Vladic Daniluk

Leader: Vladic Daniluk

Date: 26th-29th April 2018

Price: 7 000 SEK includes: Course fee, Full board, 3 Nights at Wärdshuset, Guides, Wood Sauna, Jacuzzi, Snacks.

Materials excluded. Possible to buy on location.

Single room: add 200SEK/Night

We learn how to sharpen blades with both jigs and freehand. Some tips and tricks for shafts with bolsters.
Materials are not included – (Knife steel – Vladic will have some with him for purchase)

Welcome to our beautiful Guesthouse – 15 mil north of the Arctic Circle.

Read more about Vladik on facebook:


Leader: Johan Stenevad
Date: 22:a – 24:e September.
Price: 4 400 SEK includes: Course fee, Full board, 2 Nights at Wärdshuset, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Material costs not included 150SEK/Knife.
Possibility to buy more material on location.
Singleroom: add 500 SEK

We sew, pattern and color knife sheets. no previous skills necessary.

Max participants: 8
Bring a knife to design for.

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