World class salmon fishing

Experience the vast wilderness and first class salmon fishing of the majestic Lainio river, home to the mighty wild Baltic Salmon. Lainio  is the main river for spawning and a tribute river to Torne river. Onka waters is 250km from the baltic sea and here the river runs through the deep forest of torne valley. We have exclusive double bank fishing on 10km of water split into 3 beats named Lipistökoski –  Onka home pool- Pahtakoski –   The two beat’s Lipistökoski and Onka home pool is qouted to six guests a day. Pahtakoski zon is more of public water and here we sell day fishing licens. And in our programme we alternate between beats every day so guests can fish all three beats.

Fishing is accessible from both sides of the river via dirt tracks and foot paths through the forest.  We also have a  rowing boat situated at the Onka home pool and Lipistökoski beat to quickly access both sides of the river during the fishing day. Pahtakoski beat we most of the time fish from eastside the best pools and easy access are on that side.  Average weight for fly caught salmon here is 15 lbs, while fish running into the 30/40+ lbs class are not uncommon.

Be ready for an adventure hiking, wading and swinging flies in our vast picturesque waters.

Lapland activities salmon fishing

Duration: Custom packaging
Difficulty level: Novice
Age: None, children and minors can accompany an adult
Meals: Self-service to all inclusive

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