Walking on the snow

Let us take you on a trek through the serene winter wonderland of Swedish Lapland on snowshoes. We guide safaris from Lapland Guesthouse in Kangos high up in the north above the arctic circle in Swedish Lapland.

The snowshoes let us venture out in the woods with ease carrying our weight on the snowy surface.
We stop for pictures and lunch or coffee made on open fire as we travel through the wilderness of Swedish Lapland.

The calm and quiet of the forest surrounding you is a unique experience and the sauna and dinner waiting back at the Guesthouse will be even more enjoyable after our excursion in the snow.

Let’s go out!

Icons activities snow shoes

Duration: 2 -4 hours
Difficulty level: Novice
Age: None, children and minors can accompany an adult
Meals: Lunch and/or coffee is served by the campfire

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