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Campaigns & happenings at Lapland Guesthouse

We always have something happening at the Guesthouse. All throughout the year. Might be campaign prices on packages with Northern lights tours, courses, conferences or just a little nicer prices during a holiday or antique-cafe with flea market in the summer. Sometimes we invite you to a sauna and taco night or something else to ake life a little better.


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Rooms at the Inn

All our rooms are unique and decorated in different themes that are close to us up here in the land of the Sami.
Sleep tight in the owl’s nest or perhaps in Laino overlooking the river or why not have the whole Viking cottage for yourselves.
We have completely unique rooms in different sizes and standards, and something that suits everyone.


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We organize courses throughout the year at our Guesthouse.
We invite friends and collegues from different fields of arts & crafts to hold courses.

Come and learn something new with us in an inspiring setting with the arctic nature just outside the door.
We have organized courses in painting, photography, knife making and much much more through the years.


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