Let us take you out on an adventure.

Reindeer is, and has always been, a large part of traditional life in Sápmi(Lapland). Join us on a reindeer safari and get close and comfy with these amazing and mythical animals.

This is a safari that is suitable for everyone, big and small. We take you out with a snow-mobile or a minibus. The journey through the beautiful and magnificent landscape gives us many opportunities to stop to take pictures and enjoy the surroundings.

Out on site we serve an outdoors lunch in company of the reindeer. And of course, we brew the coffee over open fire in the open air, just as it should.

Be prepared for a cozy adventure out of the ordinary. And don’t forget to charge the camera!

Welcome to Swedish Lapland!

Lapland activities reindeer

Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty level: Novice
Age: No age limit in the company of an adult
Meals: Lunch and coffee is served in the wild

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