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Some useful information about Wärdshuset – Lapland Guesthouse

Food & drink Breakfast is served at 07.30 am– 09.30 am.
Lunch is served at 01.00 pm (when out at activities lunch is served outside).
Dinner is served at 07.00 pm every night. Our ambition is to serve food cooked with all locally produced products (when possible). The main part of our meals are cooked from moose, reindeer or fish. All lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries that we serve are picked in the surroundings. We also serve wine, beer and spirits.

About the facility Smoking is not allowed in our rooms and nor is lighting candles. All alcohol consumed in our shared spaces must be bought in the restaurant. In the restrooms you are only allowed to flush down toilet paper. Let us know if you would like to use the sauna. The sauna and Jacuzzi are warm between 04.00 pm – 07.00 pm every day. We have free Wi-Fi.

Johan T: +46 (0)70 34 35 420

The Swedish In case of emergancy is 112

Activities can be booked, talk to the staff. If you want to rent cross country skis or snowshoes to go out on your own, we can arrange that. There are nice ski trails close to the Guesthouse.
Rent skis or snowshoes or a retro bike: 200 SEK/day or 650 SEK/week.
In the summer there are jogging tracks and we have canoes and fishing gear available.

See all our Activities

Environment At Lapland Guesthouse we care about our environment. We recycle

everything we can and you as a guest can also make a difference by sorting plastic, paper and glass. We do all our laundry at the Guesthouse and thereby avoid long transportations.

Cleaning If you want your room to be cleaned during your stay, contact our staff. If you then want new towels, leave the old ones on the floor so that we know which ones to change. This is also a part of our environmental work at the Guesthouse.

Dressing for arctic climate In our part of the country we battle with cold, snow and wind. That’s why it´s important for you to dress right. It’s all about layering. You start with underwear, long sleeves and legs, always wool or synthetic, never cotton. Cotton gets moist and dry very slowly. Second layer is for isolation and ventilating moist. For this wool- or fleece shirts are very good. Down jacket and cover trousers are the top layer that helps you keep warm. If you feel too hot just open up slightly at the neck.

You also need a warm hat, mittens and two pair of socks. To keep warm, wool closest to the foot. Finally, a par of warm shoes, if they are a little bit big they keep you warm better. We also want to remind you not to wash your face in the morning when you are going out. You then wash away the natural fat that protects you against weather and wind. If you have any thoughts or questions, don´t hesitate to ask.

Kangos is a living village with church, school and grocery store. In July we have Laxfestivalen in the village. It is a salmon fishing competition that attracts many fisherman and others when it´s also offered dancing and other entertainment this weekend.

We wish you an enjoyable stay with us / Eva & Johan with staff

Getting here:

Lapland Guesthouse is located in Kangos in the far North of Sweden. The closest Airports are KIRUNA Airport, Luleå – KALLAX & KITTILÄ(Finnish side). You can Reach Kangos in just 4 hours from Stockholm.

The trains stops about an 1.5 hour from the Guesthouse. We can organise transfers and we also have a cooperation with Hertz car rental.

Stay in touch and follow us for updates, more pictures, videos and treats from the North!


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