Dinner at Lapland Guesthouse

Our restaurant at Lapland Guesthouse is an important part of our concept. We cook with the best available ingredients that are both locally produced and ethically sustainable. We only have 16 seats in our restaurant and until now it has been for guests only.

We are now opening up seats for external guests. That means you can come and eat in our restaurant, even if you’re not staying at the Guesthouse. You have to call before 12.00 pm to reserve your seat the same day, seats are subject to availability.

Two course dinner 365 SEK

Three course dinner 440 SEK


Call for reservations:

Johan 070-343 54 20 or Elias 070-649 34 35.


Take your next meeting close to nature

Mix adventure with relaxation and let your ideas reach high during a conference at Lapland Guesthouse. It’s only four hours by plane from Stockholm until you stand on our front porch. Our guesthouse is situated in the small village Kangos, on the edge of Lainio river. Here you can relax and let nature work it’s magic on your meetings. If you want to, adventure in the forest is just around the corner. If you’re lucky, you might also get to experience the northern lights on the night sky.


One-day conference from lunch to lunch includes:

2 lunches

2 Swedish fika

1 two course dinner

Shared double room including breakfast

Wood fired sauna and jacuzzi

Conference room


Price per person 1.690 SEK exkl taxes

Extra charge for single rooms 357 SEK pp exkl taxes


For booking requests contact:


Johan 070-343 54 20

Weekend getaway in Kangos Swedish Lapland

Autumn is here and life returns to normal after the summer holidays. Treat yourself to a weekend of good food, stunning nature experiences and relaxing activities in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Lapland Guesthouse is situated along Lainioriver above the Arctic Circle. From September to November we offer a weekend-package for two people including hotel, breakfast, dinner and jacuzzi.

Choose if you want to fill the weekend with excursions and adventures or spend your time in the jacuzzi and our sauna. We do everything to make sure you get the experience you want!


Weekend-package for two

Valid September 1 – November 22, 2019

Accommodation 2 nights in a double room
2 two-course dinners
Sauna and Jacuzzi one evening
Price: SEK 2,390 per person

One night 1.390 kr per person


Booking details:

Johan +46 (0)73-123 45 67


Hälsodag på Wärdshuset 21 september

Unna dig själv den bästa sortens återhämtning. Träning, behandlingar och god mat i perfekt kombination hos oss på Wärdshuset i kangos. Vi hälsar dig välkommen till oss!


09.00    Yoga med Astrid Kruukka

11.00    Styrkepromenad med Veronica Persson

12.00    Lunch

13.00    Föreläsning “Hälsa utan pekpinnar – Träningsstället Pajala

14.30    Bootcamp utomhus med Träningsstället Pajala

16.00    Tabata Anette Smedqvist

18.00 Middag

20.00 Bastu


Halvdag 1250 kr per person. Endast dagsprogram, ej middag och bastu

Heldag 1550 kr per person, inkl middag och bastu

Endast middag och bastu 450 kr

Köp behandlingar på plats under dagen

Boka din behandling direkt med den du vill gå till.

Anki Otjanglatva, Helkroppszonterapi massage, 070-535 96 26

Birgitta Johansson, Taktil & avspänningsmassage, 070-357 81 00

Paula Danielsson, Massage

Sandra Stridsman, Massage, 070-317 08 19


Del i dubbelrum 550kr inkl frukost

Enkelrumstillägg 350 kr (i mån av plats)

Loungen The Tilted Reindeer öppen hela kvällen och in på natten.

För bokning kontakta


Johan 070-343 54 20

Anmälan senast 16 september

Minsta antal 10 pers

Fishing adventure – Lapland

Full week (7 days, 6 nights)

Share in a double room, six nights. Including towels and bed linen
Fishing licenses 7 days
Breakfast, lunch (at the Guesthouse or as a pick-nick basket) and dinner.
Sauna experience the night before departure

Price per person: 8 350 SEK.

Half week (4 days, 3 nights)

Share in a double room, three nights. Including towels and bed liner
Fishing licenses 4 days
Breakfast, lunch (at the Guesthouse or as a pick-nick basket) and dinner.
Sauna experience the night before departure

Price per person: 4 290 SEK.

Tailormade salmon packages
No matter what your needs are we will do our outmost to fulfil them, send us an email with your wishes and we will get back to you with an offer.

Salmon fishing Lapland Catch

The Guesthouse

Lapland Guesthouse is situated right by the river bank, where you can see the Salmon leaping out of the air, from the bedroom windows. The buildings are timber cabins and lodges, and here you’ll experience the true atmosphere of Kangos and Swedish Lapland. All of our rooms are different and they all have character.
After a long day fishing you can come home to the lodge and eat a warm meal, made from local ingredients and with a lot of heart and to finish off, why not jump into the hot tub or our traditional sauna, where you can enjoy a cold beer.
The fishing in the Lainio River right by the Lodge, is on the Kangos Association waters, where we offer fishing on 32 kilometres, both sides of the river. And don’t forget to sneak down to the Stenevads Home Pool after your buddies have had one too many.


Explore the vast and majestic flowing waters of the Lainio river across 30km of the Kangos region. Guests will have the opportunity to fish double bank in some of the most remote salmon fishing locations in the world.
Whether off-road or hiking through dense forestry to discover perfect pools on foot or by drift boat, our guests will undoubtedly get to fish pools that have not been fished on the same day. They may not have been fished that week, month or even year!
The Lainio is one of the last untouched wilderness rivers for Baltic salmon fishing and access can be tricky at the best of times. With our driven tours guided or hosted by our fantastic and well experienced fly fishing team, our Lainio Safari tours will provide unforgettable salmon fishing experiences like no other.
The Lainio river is a tributary to the Torne river system with as much as 60% of the salmon running the system each year. Our average size is an impressive 15lbs and every year we land numerous fish north of 20lbs, with some lucky anglers reaching the 30lbs and even 40lbs mark.
It is no secret that the Torne river system fish are some of the largest in the world and with fish recorded to 150cm+ each year, perhaps someone will be lucky enough to land a fabled 50lbs+ salmon in the seasons to come. We all dream of that day.

Fishing in Swedish Lapland

Single hand rods from 9-10 feet, class 6-12. Double hand rods from 11-18 feet, class 6-12.

90% of the time we fish with versi-tip lines with a floating belly and different types of sink tips. Simply because you can quickly change the tips, while standing in the water. If you don’t have a versi-tip line make sure that you at least have a floating, sink 2 and sink 4 with you. But remember, one can’t have too many lines.

Leaders & tippets
10-20 feet tapered leaders with a tippet between 0,25mm. and 0,50 mm. Colder waters expect leaders as short as 4 feet. Tippet spools from 0,25 mm. – 0,50 mm.

Salmon flies
The most important thing is that you believe in the fly! The name of the fly comes second. Make sure you bring flies in sizes from 2 cm-10 cm. Bigger flies can be used in high and cold water during June. Make sure your hooks are strong and sharp! Popular patters that regularly work here are: Banana – Phatakorva – Silver Garry – Sunray – The Usual – Willie Gunn – Thunder & Lightening – Kinermony Killer

Layers are definitely the key! You will need warm underwear and thick socks wool is the best. A warm hat and a warm down or primaloft jacket for the cold evenings. Waders and a wading jacket or any other type of shell jacket.

Don’t forget
Mosquito spray or roll on repellent such as “Jungle Oil” is strongly advised. A wading staff is always good to have on hand and a camera for the special moments!

Salmon-fishing is allowed between June 1st and August 31st. Limited catch of 1 salmon per day. All female salmon must be released during the month of August. Minimum kill size is 50 centimetres. Salmon hooked during the prohibited period or after one salmon is already caught must be returned into the water, dead or alive! During the month of August all female salmon must be returned into the water, dead or alive! All types of fishing with live bait, is NOT allowed. All types of spin fishing with added lead weights is NOT allowed. All methods of faul hook fishing, is NOT allowed. Anyone caught practicing these methods will be prosecuted, blacklisted and banned for further fishing!

All trout must be released, dead or alive!

Maximum 3 grayling per day per person. Minimum kill size is 35 centimetres.

Report your catch
It is very important to have complete statistics of captured and released fish. Therefore, you are obligated to report your catch within 24 hours after you have stopped fishing. This is compulsory for the whole season. Fraudulent reports will result in an instant suspension! You will receive a catch report by SMS, that has to be filled in, even if nothing was caught.

Catch and release
Etiquette is very strict and must be followed! Never touch a fish with dry hands. The fish must stay in the water while you carefully unhook it with needle nose pliers. If the hook does not come out with ease, the barb of the hook shall be cut and the bare hook shank removed. A spawning fish is worth more than a hook!
Never bring the fish onto the bank, grass, gravel or otherwise, as this can destroy the protective mucus of the fish that prevents disease. Only remove the fish from the water for few second intervals for photographs. The fish must always have an oxygenated water supply. Never lift the fish by the tail only, as this can damage the spine of the fish and never through the gills as both gills and gill covers damage easily.
Support the fish under the belly and steady carefully by the tail. Make sure that the fish can “stand” by itself facing upstream before letting it go. Never rock the fish back and forth, this only forces unwanted water into the airwaves.
Care should be taken in cold water, to handle fish as little as possible, as Salmon can burn easily during these conditions! During high water temperatures fish must be played out quickly, so as not to wear the fish out completely, lactic acid can easily overwhelm a fish in high temperatures.
Proper care in releasing a fish can make all the difference to it’s survival, the amount of time taken releasing a fish following these procedures does not matter, better to take your time and allow the fish to fully recover. A strong kick, a splash in the face and a drop of your hat saluting a beautiful creature as it heads back into the river and everyone has a fantastic day!

Recommendations & general rules
For everyone’s well-being, respect each other and the restrictions. One step downstream between each cast, do NOT occupy a pool, without leaving room for other fishermen! Do not keep more fish than you need, cooperate with the supervisor and help us to fight illegal fishing! Keep Sweden clean pick up your trash! Remember! People caught breaking the rules will receive a ban for the rest of the season and may lead to a permanent suspension! The fishing season starts the 1st of June and ends the 31st of August at midnight. The rest of the year, no fishing is allowed!

Boat fishing
The only boats allowed on the river, is boats owned by locals. They are all marked with individual numbers and Lapland Guesthouse has boats for rent.

Big Salmon caougt in Kangos Lainio River

Night fishing in Laino river Swedish Lapland

For bookings contact:
Lapland Guesthouse
Phone: +46 (0) 703435420
Email: info@laplandguesthouse.se

What’s up in Kangos

Lapland Guesthouse, open for pre-bookings.
Pine Tree Lodge, open every day.

Pub & café’s:
Summer café, at Lapland Guesthouse.
Brown Bear Bar, at Pine Tree Lodge.

Grocery store:
ICA Holmas in central Kangos, open Monday – Saturday.

Gas station:
At ICA Holmas, a gas pump where you pay with VISA or Master Card.

How to get here:
Kiruna Airport 133 km.
Pajala Airport 50 km.
Luleå Airport 263 km.
Rental cars can be booked and hired at all airports.

Welcome to Lapland Guesthouse!
/ Johan Stenevad with family

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